I LOVE painting portraits, trying to capture not only a person’s likeness, but also a certain expression, and especially a bit of someone’s spirit.

I can paint portraits on commission. I work from PHOTOS so I don’t necessarily have to meet the individual(s) in person. I can work in a VARIETY of sizes, supports and mediums. You can have a look at my work and get in touch with me for any questions you might have. I can HELP with the selection of a photo, ADVISE on what would work best etc. I paint individuals, couples, children, elderly, even pets…

People commission portraits as GIFTS for a loved one or as a SPECIAL MEMORY that will last forever.

In terms of PRICE, portraits start at 150euros for one single subject on an A4 size, paper support. Price increases with larger sizes, when the support is canvas, or with additional subjects and/or elaborate backgrounds. You can message me for a full set of prices.